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Today is the first birthday of Yonks! 🎉

To celebrate the first anniversary Yonks is 50% off for the entire weekend and next monday. 💸💸💸

🚀 More Infos → yonks.app
📱 iOS → yonks.app/ios
🤖 Android → yonks.app/android

19 days until .
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Good times are coming after the series finale. 😄

Yonks 1.0.1 is out now for iOS & Android. 🚀

It adds TV series to the suggestions (because winter is coming! ❄️), optimizes the calendar titles for milestones and fixes some bugs.

Thanks for all your feedback and especially @winkAFK@twitter.com for pointing out the pluralization bug. 🙏

🔥 Yonks is a day counter app, which helps you to keep track of important past and future events and their notable milestones. Out now for & !

🌍 Website: yonks.app
📱 App Store: yonks.app/ios
🤖 Google Play: yonks.app/android

🚀 Yonks 1.0 will be released on 10.01.2019 for iOS and Android.

15 years ago today, Outkast's double album »Speakerboxxx/The Love Below« was released. It was one of the most successful albums of the new century.


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